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Interior Design

  1. Bespoke Arabesque Furniture: the Perfect Interior Design Solution

    Bespoke Arabesque Furniture: the Perfect Interior Design Solution

    As a renowned manufacturer of bespoke Syrian furniture, El Palacio Damasceno already boasts much credence with an extensive array of interior designers, many of whom swear by our authentically designed and incepted products. And our production of bespoke Arabesque furniture, with components that can be designed to suit designers' own individual requirements, has played a significant role in our achievement of such status.

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  2. Syrian Furniture to Inspire Interior Designers

    Syrian Furniture to Inspire Interior Designers

    Themes are big at the moment and those in the hospitality industry are well aware that visitors to their establishments love to feel transported to a whole new time or place and themed interior designs are a great way to accomplish this. If you are looking for a theme that will suitably impress and intrigue in equal measure then we ask that you consider a Syrian theme.

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  3. Enhance Interior Design with a Unique Syrian Furniture Masterpiece

    Mirati incredible Syrian mirror

    One of the greatest challenges interior designers face today is in finding originality. It would seem that everything that can be done has been done. While it is not the worst thing in the world to repeat ideas, creative minds crave unique and fresh designs. Sometimes this can mean an innovative approach to the traditional or something completely different all together. If you are looking for a way to rejuvenate your interior design and you're struggling for inspiration and ideas, we advise you take a look at the El Palacio collection of Syrian furniture.

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  4. Transform your Home or Office with Authentic Syrian Furniture

    Transform your Home or Office with Authentic Syrian Furniture

    It is recognised worldwide that words hold power and a few choice words can have an impact that can be felt for generations. Whether this is between two friends or a country and their leader, words have the power to change but sometimes, there are times when words fall flat and it takes something other than a well versed sentence to convey an important message.

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  5. Syrian Design Inspiration

    RUHAM Syrian Design Inspiration

    Moman Kutabi Hamadalla is the founder of El Palacio Damasceno, and having dedicated his life to interior design, has developed a razor-sharp eye for the absolute finest in bespoke Syrian furniture. He has decided to share with you what he believes to be his most outstanding of Syrian design inspiration for 2015.

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  6. The Elegance of Mother of Pearl in Handcrafted Furniture

    Mother of Pearl
    Mother of pearl is a beautiful substance that we use to craft our exquisite handmade furniture. Its rawest form is called nacre, which is derived from mollusc shells. Nacre is made of aragonite, a type of calcium carbonate, and takes the form of hexagonal platelets within the shells.
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  7. Syrian Furniture Interior Design Ideas

    Syrian Furniture Interior Design Ideas
    At El Palacio Damasceno, we pride ourselves on our exceptional collection of custom-made Syrian furniture. So why not add a touch of cultural beauty to your home this summer with our luxurious Syrian furniture collection?
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  8. Transform your restaurant with Syrian Furniture

    huda cofee table

    El Palacio Damasceno can help you to add style and elegance to your restaurant with items from our Syrian Furniture collection. Find out more here.

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  9. Interior Designers love our Arabesque Furniture

    El Palacio Damasceno provide unique, handmade furniture which many interior designers love. Suited to a wide range of properties and interior designs, our Syrian inspired Arabesque furniture are pieces of beauty handcrafted by experienced and masterful craftsmen. Each piece is breathtakingly beautiful and is bound to be a focal piece of any room.

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