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Marketing Palacio

  1. Inspire Excellence with a Syrian Writing Desk

    almusk desk

    Every good writer needs a writing desk. Some of the greatest minds in literature famously had a trusted writing desk from which some of the most iconic and well known novels were penned. If you're looking for a writing desk, why not choose one that is worthy of your craft and choose a traditional handcrafted Syrian desk or bureau.

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  2. Transform your restaurant with Syrian Furniture

    huda cofee table

    El Palacio Damasceno can help you to add style and elegance to your restaurant with items from our Syrian Furniture collection. Find out more here.

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  3. Save 40% on a selection of handmade Syrian Furniture!

    Special Offer

    The El Palacio Damasceno December sale is now live!

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  4. 4 Top Choices For Handmade Wooden Folding Screens

    Handmade wooden folding screen
    Today's modern interiors need to be multi-functional. The best interiors need to allow for private cosy spaces, as well as open free-flowing layouts, however not many architectural designs allow this to happen on their own.
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  5. How to re-style your study with Syrian furniture

    Add style and elegance to your study with furniture from El Palacio Damasceno. Read more here.
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  6. How Our Artisans make Mushaggar furniture


    Discover the breathtaking beauty of Mushaggar furniture and learn how the experienced artisans at El Palacio Damasceno create this stunning range in our latest blog post.

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  7. Welcome to our New website

    nuestra web

    In El Palacio Damasceno, and on behalf of our creative labour-Team, I would like to give you a very warm welcome to our new portal of Luxurious Syrian Furniture. A place where contemporary art and antique inspiration find a place to combine.

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