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Syrian Design Inspiration

RUHAM Syrian Design Inspiration
Moman Kutabi Hamadalla is the founder of El Palacio Damasceno, and having dedicated his life to interior design, has developed a razor-sharp eye for the absolute finest in bespoke Syrian furniture. He has decided to share with you what he believes to be his most outstanding of Syrian design inspiration.

Commercial Syrian Design Inspiration

To begin with, Moman delved into the commercial sector, and outlined a component sure to particularly appeal to art lovers. The MARSAM Easel would prove an ideal purchase for aspiring and established artists alike, its walnut wood and Syrian mother of pearl features ensuring its presence would befit any art studio.

Residential Syrian Design Inspiration

Next is Moman's top choice from a residential standpoint, and it comes in the form of the purely stunning GIANNA bed. Blending style and beautiful artistic features, all encompassed within an internally sound structure, the patterns on this walnut wood-based furniture item are meticulously sculpted, incorporating the use of more than 2500 Shall pieces.

Business Meeting Centres Syrian Design Inspiration

And Moman has not forgot the needs of those hosting important business meetings for staff, customers and clients. With an elegant RUHAM table, you can make a phenomenal first impression on visitors to any particular business meeting centre. Sparkle as brightly in your clients' eyes as the lustrous pieces of mother of pearl that populate this table do.

Office Syrian Design Inspiration

Onto Syrian design inspiration for the office, and the curvaceous FIKRA desk chosen by Moman perfectly sums up the balance between functionality and outstanding aesthetics that El Palacio is renowned for. Punctuated by over 3000 pieces of Shall, and featuring genuine Syrian mother of pearl also, the FIKRA's phenomenal handcrafted elements make its durability all the more surprising and impressive.

Hotel Syrian Design Inspiration

There is a helping hand for hotel owners and associates too meanwhile, with Moman selecting the LAMA throne chair as his standout Syrian design inspiration pick. Hotel guests can live like a king by making use of this intricately designed oriental furniture, which boasts a walnut wood inlay.

Restaurant Syrian Design Inspiration

In the restaurant department, Moman deciphered that the HUDA coffee table was the ideal selection, its octagonal shape signifying its uniqueness whilst also offering greater space to accommodate more people. Durable yet delicately designed, the HUDA is a true antique commodity.

Luxury Yacht Syrian Design Inspiration

Finally, Moman advises luxury yacht owners to take a closer look at the imperial INSAN table, which borrows inspiration from Arab architecture and features mother of pearl engraving. This luxurious rectangular table would perfectly compliment its surroundings in a luxury yacht setting.

Contact El Palacio for bespoke Syrian Furniture

El Palacio provides great discounts for Interior Designers, so if you're looking for unique Arabesque furniture or an exquisite Syrian masterpiece, get in touch with El Palacio on +34 9113 999 72 or fill in your details on the contact us page and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
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