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Syrian Furniture for Interior Designers

At El Palacio Damasceno, we provide bespoke Syrian furniture for a wide variety of properties. What’s more, all of our furniture is of a superior quality made from the finest material and craftsmanship. What’s more, we provide unique, beautiful Syrian furniture for interior designers, that can undoubtedly help you bring the edge to your client service.

Syrian Furniture from El Palacio Damasceno; popular with Interior Designers

Interior designers are, very often, the first to recognise our Syrian furniture for its meticulous detail and timeless beauty, and instantly see that El Palacio Damasceno Syrian furniture can add a unique, bespoke aesthetic to a property. Interior designers often comment on how El Palacio Damasceno fuses traditional Syrian design with a modern twist, for a quirky Oriental style that is comfortable and fashionable in the 21st Century. Handmade Mother of Pearl Syrian Cabinet As a result, our unique Syrian furniture masterpieces are a firm favourite with interior designers worldwide. Many interior designers also recognise how a room can be transformed by the timeless charm Syrian furniture offers. If you are an interior designer looking for inspiration for commercial properties, business meeting centres and more, then take a look at our Syrian interior design ideas and inspiration.

More about Syrian Furniture

Not only can our traditional handmade Syrian furniture enhance your service as an interior designer, showing that you can bring oriental style to the 21st century, but our Syrian furniture is, in itself, simply fantastic. Including beds, bureaus, cabinets, chairs, chests, consoles, desks, doors, mirrors, sofas, tables and thrones, we’ve got a piece of Syrian furniture to suit you at El Palacio Damasceno, no matter what type of furniture you are looking for. Bespoke Syrian Table with Arab Design Syrian furniture strongly features Islamic Art, as well as hints of African and European cultures. This makes it appear to be a fantastic blend of cultural furniture that you really cannot help but fall in love with. What’s more, the techniques used to create Syrian furniture have been handed down from generation to generation, and therefore, it is possible to see distinct heritage in Syrian furniture. Ultimately, handmade Syrian furniture really does have the edge over modern, mechanized furniture, and can have a significant impact on a number of interior designs.

Contact us for Syrian Furniture

Whether you are an interior designers, or are simply interested in a piece of Syrian furniture for your own domestic property, please contact our friendly team to discuss your requirements. Give us a call on +34 9113 999 72, or leave your details on our contact us page, and we'll reply as soon as possible.
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