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handmade furniture

  1. Syrian Design Inspiration

    RUHAM Syrian Design Inspiration

    Moman Kutabi Hamadalla is the founder of El Palacio Damasceno, and having dedicated his life to interior design, has developed a razor-sharp eye for the absolute finest in bespoke Syrian furniture. He has decided to share with you what he believes to be his most outstanding of Syrian design inspiration for 2015.

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  2. Three Syrian Furniture picks for Summer

    Kemaria - 3 Furniture picks for summer
    El Palacio Damasceno provide a great range of quality Syrian furniture, with a number of pieces perfect for interior design purposes in the summer. Read up on some of our top Syrian furniture picks.
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  3. Inspire Excellence with a Syrian Writing Desk

    almusk desk

    Every good writer needs a writing desk. Some of the greatest minds in literature famously had a trusted writing desk from which some of the most iconic and well known novels were penned. If you're looking for a writing desk, why not choose one that is worthy of your craft and choose a traditional handcrafted Syrian desk or bureau.

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  4. Save 40% on a selection of handmade Syrian Furniture!

    Special Offer

    The El Palacio Damasceno December sale is now live!

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