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    Syrian furniture

    Welcome to El Palacio Damasceno. Here you will find our outstanding and charming collection of custom made furniture designed in the traditional Syrian way and crafted using only the finest materials and craftsmanship that makes their oriental furniture even more mesmerizing.
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    Interior design

    Syrian furniture is very distinctive and instantly identifiable because of the consistency of walnut wood and the traditional Arabic decoration. Till today, the Syrians use the most basic tools and the age old art of Intarsia or inlay of fine mother of pearl.
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    Custom made Syrian furniture

    The Syrian culture is not only rich in Islamic Art, but being at the cross roads between Africa and Europe, the country has adopted many traits from the cultures of both continents as well. One cannot help but fall in love with such a rich history and culture.

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    Designers of outstanding Syrian furniture

    At El Palacio Damasceno we offer a selection of spectacular, exquisite Syrian furniture. Our outstanding furniture is custom-made, with each piece meticulously designed and crafted. We are always striving for perfection and this is reflected in the journey our products embark on, from conception to creation.

    Founded by Damascus-born Moman Kutabi Hamadalla, El Palacio Damasceno deeply cares about art, artists and the latest developments within the ever-evolving furniture industry. Our team is comprised of individuals that aim to discover and develop exquisite pieces to add to our immaculate collection.

    Our furniture is crafted in the traditional Syrian way ensuring it is all the more mesmerizing. Our skilled artisans begin with a selection of walnut pieces before forming highly complicated patterns and transforming them into the unique works of art that El Palacio Damasceno are known for.

    Design with an eye for detail

    Syrian furniture is instantly identifiable and striking. The traditional Arabic decoration and consistency of the walnut wood allow Syrian furniture to always draw the eye. Syria sits at a crossroads with Europe to the North, Asia to the East and Africa to the South. This means Syrian design has adopted traits from many different cultures over generations.

    Our artisans at El Palacio Damasceno take the process of crafting each creation very seriously using only the finest materials available. All of our designs are rich in Islamic influence but there are seven different styles that we apply to our furniture, allowing you to select your preferred choice.

    Customers come to El Palacio Damasceno for unique products, a taste of history and for a flavour of Syrian culture.

    Why El Palacio Damasceno?

    Our creations are designed to add charm and elegance to any home or space. An El Palacio Damasceno chair, for example, is not just a chair. It may have a practical use but that does not mean that it cannot bring timeless style to transform your home.

    An El Palacio Damasceno design is instantly recognisable globally with interior designers. Our subtle fusion of diverse cultures and styles are a firm favourite with designers. We are extremely proud to be the first choice for some of the most highly regarded designers within the industry.

    If you are an interior designer looking for inspiration or to impress we believe that there is no finer assortment of work than our furniture collection. Interior designers, decorators and professionals can access special discounts.

    Excellent customer service

    El Palacio Damasceno are committed to offering the very best service to our customers. Shipping is completely free to all customers based in many countries, including the UK.

    Delivery time is calculated depending on the product type and model that you have purchased. We would recommend allowing 4-8 weeks for your custom-made creation to be carefully designed, manufactured and shipped.

    It’s easy to get a quotation from one of our specialists by simply selecting the furniture of your choice, requesting a quote and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can contact El Palacio Damasceno on +34 91 139 99 72 or email

    The El Palacio Damasceno Showroom

    El Palacio Damasceno has around three hundred and fifty products for you to browse on our website with new designs being added to the collection all the time. As well as our online catalogue we have a showroom that is home to precious, high-class mother of pearl artefacts and hand-crafted Syrian furniture.

    Entering our Spanish showroom you are greeted by the exotic aroma of high quality Walnut wood. The showroom is as unique as the items we have to offer and perfectly reflects El Palacio Damasceno. We pride ourselves on our superior quality, our excellent customer satisfaction and our desire to innovate.

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