El Palacio Damasceno

Welcome to El Palacio Damasceno, home to handmade Syrian furniture. If you’re looking for interior design inspiration, El Palacio Damasceno have worked with some of the most prestigious businesses and played a part in creating interior design features with unique Syrian and Arabesque furniture.

You will be greeted by the exotic aroma of high-quality walnut wood and will be surrounded by high-class mother of pearl artifacts, our signature hand-crafted Syrian furniture and Arabic ornaments. Our company reflects our company values of superior quality, customer satisfaction and innovation.

El Palacio Damasceno is as unique and breath-taking as the furniture we have to offer.


El Palacio Damasceno S.L.U


E-mail : sales@elpalaciodamasceno.com
Tel. +34 91 139 99 72
whatsApp. +34 629 779 134


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