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5 Differences Between Abalone and Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl
When it comes to Abalone and Mother of Pearl, people often get them confused, or at least believe them to be interchangeable. This is understandable, as the two are very close to each other; Abalone refers to the shell whereas Mother of Pearl refers to the organism inside the shell. When it comes to deciding which is the right choice for you, especially when it comes to furniture, it good to fully understand the differences between the two. Here are the 5 main ways you can tell the difference between Abalone and Mother of Pearl.

1 - Mother of Pearl found inside the shells of molluscs.

Also known as Nacre, Mother of Pearl is made up of the layer of lines inside the shells of molluscs. It can also appear as an extremely shiny layer formed inside the shell. Often used to decorate jewellery, musical instruments and a collection of Syrian furniturecollection of Syrian furniture. Good sources of Mother of Pearl are pearl oysters and, of course, Abalone.

2 - Mother of Pearl is actually a protecting shield created by mollusks.

Mullocks use Mother of Pearl to protect themselves from infections and also reduce the irritation caused by organic materials that can enter the shell.

3 - Abalone is a gastropod that belongs to a family of seashells.

Abalone, on the other hand, belongs to a family of seashells and is a delicious gastropod. The shell itself has an elevated apex and can often resembles an ear. Confusion between Abalone and Mother of Pearl comes from the fact that the inside of Abalone resembles Mother of Pearl and is also mainly used in jewellery inlays and musical instruments.

4 - Abalone has more dark rainbow shades

When compared to Mother of Pearl, that has a milky white shade, Abalone is more of a dark rainbow in colour. This is one of the easiest ways to quickly tell the two apart.

5 - Mother of Pearl is more Abundant than Abalone

Mother of Pearl is much more common than Abalone, as it can be found in a wide variety of marine and freshwater shellfish. The harvest of Abalone is much more limited, making the material much harder to come across.

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