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The Marriage of Cultures: RAIHAN

RAIHAN is a perfect example of a marriage between cultures. This handcrafted, English mosaic chair is built using a combination of: Walnut, Rose, Peach, Olive, Cherry and Cedar wood. This intense combination of exotic, aromatic woods are inlaid by hand and are then decorated to perfection using genuine mother of pearl. One look is all it takes for RAIHAN to stand out from the crowd of chairs.
The RAIHAN fits perfectly in any room and is a celebration for the eyes. The comfy cushioncomplementsthe body and the English design coupled with dazzling mosaic patterns increases the appeal of this chair. It is a hand-crafted piece of art capturing the soul of two continents.
The RAIHAN invites you to visit two continents, without ever leaving your seat.


  • Handcrafted Syrian Inlaid Designs
  • Supreme Quality
  • Captivating Mosaic Patterns
  • High Comfort Level
  • A Delicate Mix of Different Woods
  • Decorated with Genuine Inlaid Mother of Pearl
  • Removable Cushion and Washable Cover
  • Very Relaxing
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Width 65
Depth 65
Height 80
This product can be customised to any measurements. Please add this product to your order, then you can introduce your desired sizes before checkout.