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The Emerald: ZUMURROD

In some Middle East and Asian countries, Emerald is known as Zamrud or Zamurrod. We decided to name this product ZUMURROD because of the similarities it shares with the Emerald. Both are unique, hard to find, works of art and are extremely beautiful.¶ÿ ZUMURROD is a decorative corner table depicting the mid century era. It has a very delicate look, but its built is sturdy.
The ZUMURROD is handcrafted specifically out of Walnut wood to stand the test of time. It is skillfully decorated and inlaid using the finest Syrian mother of pearl. The design patterns are spread evenly across the entire table and legs of the table particularly catch the eye because of the patterns and its sleek look.
The ZUMURROD is a mid century piece of art, which gets younger with every passing day.


  • Handcrafted Syrian Inlaid Designs
  • Supreme Quality Construction
  • Long Life and Durable
  • Constructed out of Walnut Wood
  • Decorated with Genuine Inlaid Mother of Pearl
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More Information
Width 80
Depth 45
Height 85
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