Residential Interior Design Ideas

Home interior design has evolved and has become even more so of a reflection of the home owners personal style and artistic flair. Professional interior designers understand that the furnishing should beautifully complement the theme and décor which is why the El Palacio Damasceno collection of authentic Syrian furniture is an extremely popular choice.

Ideas and Inspiration for Home Interior Designers

Each Syrian furniture masterpiece is unique and makes a statement in any setting. If you are a professional interior designer looking for furniture that is guaranteed to impress, then we welcome you to get in touch. We offer special discounted prices for professional interior designers and decorators. Below are just a few of our creations which have been specially selected by the founder of El Palacio Damasceno:-


The beauty of this set of furniture lies in the simple yet elegant design carvings. Along with mother of pearl inlay that is inspired by floral patterns used mostly in Syrian decoration styles the entire set looks as it is engraved with gold. The table and chairs are hand made walnut wood structure that is simply exquisite. Take a closer look at the syrian furniture set.



MULHIMATI is a work of art. It is a hanging mirror with a gorgeous frame meant to add elegance to the entire atmosphere in the house. It is inlaid with genuine Syrian Mother of Pearl and each design pattern is followed with a silver lining. Fall in love with the Mulhimati.


GIANNA comes very close to being a bed of roses because of its style, construction and artistic input. It can make any bedroom proud and transform the look of the entire room just by being in it. More than 2500 pieces of Shall were used in the design patterns on the GIANNA.



Made from genuine Syrian walnut wood, the table makes use of exquisite design aesthetics that are truly exceptional. The octagonal table is made in an exceptional style that involves the top being held by eight octagonal columns looking more like a flower bouquet. The table is covered with gleaming pieces of mother of pearl. View the Ranin syrian table here.