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At El Palacio Damasceno, we offer exquisite and luxurious custom-made traditional Syrian furniture

Looking for custom designed furniture integrating the rich traditional look of Syrian furniture and contemporary designs? We offer custom-made Syrian furniture made with premium quality walnut wood, completed with elaborate design and artwork. Our skilled artisans can work with the specific design you want, incorporating the Syrian mother of pearl in the recesses of the wood. We handcraft all our furniture pieces. Thus, our artisans can create one according to the dimensions and designs you wish to have in your interior. The intricacy of our work is illustrated in our designs, which show the attention to detail our skilled craftsmen have. Give your interiors an arabesque decoration with custom-made bespoke Syrian furniture.




Give your interiors a touch of elegance and luxury with our brilliant pieces.

Syria's culture has its roots in the Islamic tradition and is influenced by European and African culture. It has taken in the beauty of all these cultures and traditions to form a rich cultural heritage. Syrian furniture is a true representation of the rich history and culture of Syria. Our traditional Syrian furniture is an epitome of beauty, intricacy, grace and uniqueness. The artistry and skills of Syrian mother of pearl furniture creators is out of this world. They have mastered the art of creating elaborate and elegant designs, which shows in each piece of furniture that they make.

Take a tour around our inspiration board and renovate your interiors with our unique and stunning Middle Eastern designs

Syrian furniture has a very distinctive and intricate look, something that stands out even amongst a hundred pieces. Made with walnut wood, Syrian Middle Eastern furniture can give any place a gorgeous Arabian look and feel. Our skilled craftsmen still use the centuries old techniques and tools to create stunning pieces of art. If you wish to give your interiors an arabesque look and feel, incorporating the intricacies and delicacies of the artwork, then our remarkable Syrian interior décor pieces and furniture is all you need.

Graceful and Intricate Syrian Furniture

Whether you are looking for an antique furniture look or want to combine the richness of Syrian culture with contemporary designs, our craftsmen have the skills and expertise to do it all. We create unique pieces of furniture, giving them the luxuriance of Syrian culture and heritage. Browse the complete range of bespoke Syrian furniture.