Hotel Interior Design Ideas

The interior design of hotels is exceptionally important and El Palacio Damasceno understands that there is a lot of thought put into the overall design of hotel interiors. Guests wish to be treated to comfort, luxury and in many cases, a break from the norm which is why many hotel interior designers turn to El Palacio Damasceno for our authentic Syrian furniture.

Hotel Interior Designers

If you are an interior designer looking for unique furniture to populate your hotel interior design projects or you are simply looking for inspiration, browse our exquisite collection of Syrian furniture. If you would like help deciding on creations from our extensive selection, Moman the founder of El Palacio Damasceno, has picked out just a few Syrian furniture designs favoured by hotel interior designers.


The El Real Blanco bed B is handcrafted out of beautiful walnut wood and features a striking decorative pattern of inlaid mother of pearl. The headboard is padded and offers enhanced comfort. View the El Real Blanco Bed A for the same bed with an alternative mother of pearl design.



Complement your bedrooms interior design with the El Real Blanco Syrian Nightstand. This splendid Syrian furniture design is one of great beauty. The mother of pearl inlay arranged in beautiful swirling patterns and the flawless finish of the walnut wood make this particular design a sight to behold. Combine art with practicality with the El Real Blanco Syrian Nightstand.



The El Real Blanco Bureau is an exceptionally eye catching design which looks wonderful in any setting. Made from walnut wood and intricately decorated with inlaid Syrian mother of pearl, this iconic Syrian furniture design not only offers plenty of storage space it is also extremely pleasing to the eye. TAke a closer look at the El Real Blanco Bureau.



The El Real Blanco Mirror B is more than just a mirror, this Syrian Mirror doubles up as wonderful wall art that would outstanding in any setting. The walnut wood frame and intricate mother of pearl inlay makes this the El Real Blanco Mirror B extremely pleasing to the eye



Your home is your castle and what better than this beautiful Lama to give you the feeling of sitting on a throne. The chair has intricate and carvings and design to accompany the sturdy walnut wood inlay. Like other oriental furniture, the chair combines the flagrant style of the Arabs with the sophistication of the west. Fall in love with the carefully crafted Lama throne.