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Exquisite Craftsmanship: BESIK

The BESIK is an exquisite example of fine Syrian furniture craftsmanship. Constructed using mother of pearl mosaic, it is meant to be used as a bezeka chess and backgammon game table. Decorated with breathtaking mother of pearl inlaid and has a unique cross banded design. To further facilitate the user, the BESIK includes a removable chess/checkers game board. ¶ÿFor convenience purpose, the game board has a felt lined side, and it conveniently folds inside the table creating more space for the user. The BESIK also holds a backgammon table inside, which is elegantly decorated with mother of pearl design patterns. To hold the game pieces when the user is done enjoying his purchase, the BESIK comes with a felt lined storage compartment.
The BESIK mosaic game board table is perfect for when the family gets together to enjoy some quality leisure time. However, chess pieces are not included with the purchase of BESIK.


  • Sturdy, built to last Walnut Construction
  • Inlaid with Genuine Mother of Pearl
  • Comes equipped with Chess and Checkers Game Board
  • Portable and Folding Game Board
  • Beautifully hand crafted Inlaid Designs
  • Contains a Backgammon Table
  • Felt Lined Board
  • Contains a Bottom Shelf for more storage
  • Curved Legs that add to the overall beauty
  • Felt Lined Storage for Game Pieces
  • Supreme Quality Construction
  • Long life and durable
  • Saves storage space
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Width 70
Depth 70
Height 70
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