SKU#: A329

A Masterpiece: SALIHA

SALIHA is a floor standing corner table beautifully adorned with mother of pearl inlay, and carved by hand out of Walnut wood. SALIHA comes equipped with four drawers for maximum storage capacity to hold your belongings and valuables.
As exotic as the name is, it doesnƒ??t even come close to the actual look and feel of this master craft. The design patterns on SALIHA are handcrafted to perfection with consistency and remind us over and over again about the intelligence of Syrian artisans. The personality of SALIHA is visible through the complex yet astonishingly beautiful design patterns carved by the artisans. The inlaid design patterns, the Walnut wood and the inlaid mother of pearl, are all combined as one to make SALIHA a mesmerizing piece of Syrian art.
The SALIHA is a floor standing, useful work of art with practical uses.


  • Handcrafted Syrian Inlaid Designs
  • Supreme Quality
  • Long Life and Durable
  • Constructed out of Walnut Wood
  • Decorated with Genuine Inlaid Mother of Pearl
  • Amazing Display of Craftsman ship
  • Sturdy Construction
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Width 90
Depth 50
Height 85