SKU#: A320

Your Reflection Personified: MIRATI

MIRATI is a hanging mirror with a gorgeous frame that beautifies the reflection of the entire surroundings.¶ÿ It is inlaid with genuine Syrian Mother of Pearl and each design pattern is followed with a silver lining. Words fail to do justice with the beauty of MIRATI.¶ÿ It is worth looking at and looking into.
The MIRATI is carved out of Walnut wood and is a living testament to the skills of the Syrian artisans. The carefully thought out Inlaid Mother of Pearl design patterns not only surround the mirror, but your reflection too, therefore creating a royal illusion.
The MIRATI is a reflection of the beauty captured by the Syrians in their creations.


  • Handcrafted Syrian Inlaid Designs
  • Supreme Quality Mirror
  • Long Life
  • Constructed out of Walnut Wood
  • Decorated with Genuine Inlaid Mother of Pearl
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Width 70
Depth 2
Height 120