Ambassadorial Residence Interior Design Ideas

Ambassadorial residences are exceptionally prestigious buildings and they play a crucial role in diplomacy. An array of important social events are hosted from Ambassadorial Residences and these are attended by some of the most influential and distinguished characters from around the world. It stands to reason that the image that these portray must be one of affluence and that everything down to the smallest detail must be perfect. After all, these buildings are merely a reflection of the country of which they represent.

Ambassadorial Residence Interior Designers

The interior design of Ambassadorial Residences is nothing short of breath-taking and has often been described as 3 dimensional works of art. It is for this reason that El Palacio Damasceno have been sought out by interior designers tasked with furnishing such opulent establishments. Our collection of traditional Syrian furniture is the first choice for interior designers looking for unique furniture that will flawlessly complement the interior design of Ambassadorial Residences.

Moman, the founder of El Palacio Damasceno, has picked out a few favourites for Ambassadorial Residence interior designers:-