Luxurious Syrian Furniture


    Syrian Furniture

    Syrian furniture

    Welcome to El Palacio Damasceno. Here you will find our outstanding and charming collection of custom made furniture designed in the traditional Syrian way and crafted using only the finest materials and craftsmanship that makes their oriental furniture even more mesmerizing.
    Interior Designers

    Interior design

    Syrian furniture is very distinctive and instantly identifiable because of the consistency of walnut wood and the traditional Arabic decoration. Till today, the Syrians use the most basic tools and the age old art of Intarsia or inlay of fine mother of pearl.
    Artisans Working

    Custom made Syrian furniture

    The Syrian culture is not only rich in Islamic Art, but being at the cross roads between Africa and Europe, the country has adopted many traits from the cultures of both continents as well. One cannot help but fall in love with such a rich history and culture.

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