• Enhance Interior Design with a Unique Syrian Furniture Masterpiece

      One of the greatest challenges interior designers face today is in finding originality. It would seem that everything that can be done has been done. While it is not the worst thing in the world to repeat ideas, creative minds crave unique and fresh designs. Sometimes this can mean an innovative approach to the traditional or something completely different all together. If you are looking for a way to rejuvenate your interior design and you're struggling for inspiration and ideas, we advise you take a look at the El Palacio collection of Syrian furniture.
    • Inspire Excellence with a Syrian Writing Desk

      Every good writer needs a writing desk. Some of the greatest minds in literature famously had a trusted writing desk from which some of the most iconic and well known novels were penned. If you're looking for a writing desk, why not choose one that is worthy of your craft and choose a traditional handcrafted Syrian desk or bureau.
    • Transform your Home or Office with Authentic Syrian Furniture

      It is recognised worldwide that words hold power and a few choice words can have an impact that can be felt for generations. Whether this is between two friends or a country and their leader, words have the power to change but sometimes, there are times when words fall flat and it takes something other than a well versed sentence to convey an important message.
    • The situation in Syria

      Since last year, this ancient country has been experiencing difficult times. We recognise a few of our clients have hesistated to place their order because of the current situation in Syria.
    • Welcome to our new website

      In El Palacio Damasceno, and on behalf of our creative labour-Team, I would like to give you a very warm welcome to our new portal of Luxurious Syrian Furniture. A place where contemporary art and antique inspiration find a place to combine.

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