• Transform your restaurant with Syrian Furniture

      El Palacio Damasceno can help you to add style and elegance to your restaurant with items from our Syrian Furniture collection. Find out more here.
    • How is Syrian Furniture made?

      El Palacio Damasceno provide Syrian furniture items that have been created using traditional crafting techniques that pay the greatest attention to detail. Find out more about these intricate processes here.
    • How to re-style your study with Syrian furniture

      Add style and elegance to your study with furniture from El Palacio Damasceno. Read more here.
    • Sleep in style with a luxurious Syrian bed

      Read more about the heritage and history of the techniques involved in crafting a bespoke Syrian Bed. Browse our range online and request a quote today from El Palacio Damasceno.
    • Syrian Furniture Interior Design Ideas for Summer 2016

      Read about some of the top Syrian furniture interior design ideas for summer 2016 from El Palacio Damasceno.
    • Three Syrian Furniture picks for Summer 2016

      El Palacio Damasceno provide a great range of quality Syrian furniture, with a number of pieces perfect for interior design purposes in the summer. Read up on some of our top Syrian furniture picks for 2016.
    • Interior Designers love our Arabesque Furniture

      El Palacio Damasceno provide unique, handmade furniture which many interior designers love. Suited to a wide range of properties and interior designs, our Syrian inspired Arabesque furniture are pieces of beauty handcrafted by experienced and masterful craftsmen. Each piece is breathtakingly beautiful and is bound to be a focal piece of any room.
    • Syrian Furniture for Interior Designers

      At El Palacio Damasceno, we provide bespoke Syrian furniture for a wide variety of properties. What’s more, all of our furniture is of a superior quality made from the finest material and craftsmanship. What’s more, we provide unique, beautiful Syrian furniture for interior designers, that can undoubtedly help you bring the edge to your client service.
    • Handmade Mother of Pearl Syrian Furniture

      A beautiful addition to 2016, handmade Mother of Pearl Syrian Furniture is unique, special and makes a luxury addition to any home. Mother of pearl Syrian furniture is a distinct type of furniture that is often identified by its walnut wood and Arabic decoration, as well as its fine and spectacular mother of pearl ornamentation.
    • Choose El Palacio for bespoke Arabisc Furniture solutions

      El Palacio Damasceno take great pride in our design and supply of bespoke Arabisc furniture solutions, in particular our creation of components tailored to clients' specific requirements. Extremely popular amongst interior designers, our Arabisc furniture comes in many forms, with chairs, sofas, tables, mirrors and many more items available to be crafted in an image that matches their surroundings.

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