Arabesque Furniture

    Welcome to El Palacio Damasceno. We stock a variety of different styles of furniture from Syria, all handcrafted using old and refined methods of handcraft.

    Our Arabesque furniture is often sourced by interior designers and people looking for a bespoke, authentic piece of furniture to complete the look of Arabic decoration. The Syrians create the fine details of Arabisc furniture with the age old art of Intarsia, inlayed with fine mother of pearl to create intricate designs and patterns that fascinate.

    Handcrafted Arabesque Furniture

    Syrian culture takes influence from across the Middle East, in particular Africa and Europe, to create rich Islamic Art and display it in the form of furniture. The oriental designs can be seen upon chairs, beds, cabinets, chests and more. The history and culture is evident in every piece, which are painstakingly made with traditional methods inherited from ancestral roots.

    The artistry is ingrained within Syrian culture, and the practice of creating Arabisc art is ancient, but completely prevalent and as beautiful as ever in today’s interior design and decoration. The handiwork of the Syrians is what makes Arabesque furniture unique – each design is completely different and no machine can replicate the detail or techniques used to create the majesty of these patterns.

    Luxury Arabesque handcrafted furniture

    The process of creating bespoke furniture is not simple, quick or easy, but intricate, detailed and time-consuming. It’s these factors that make such delicate, unique Arabesque designs. The inspiration for such designs comes from early Islamic Art as seen in the Great Mosque of Damascus, and has since evolved to become a modern, more symmetrical and tessellated art.

    Often made up of the same leafy shapes and botanical forms, the designs have taken on a geometric form, which is well suited to Arabisc furniture, making it coherent with the rectangular and hard-angled shapes that furniture takes.

    Made from dried walnut pieces, the Syrian furniture makers start by making rough Arabesque designs resembling the finished product. Highly complicated patterns are made from these pieces, and are inlaid with mother-of-pearl pieces to really make the designs stand out. Each piece is cut and polished, and are made to fit each other perfectly. With the finished product in mind, the skilled artisans use their honed skills to create a thing of beauty which is always unique from their last creation.

    Finished with high quality varnishes, the furnishings are made to last for years, and even centuries. Arabesque furniture is popular with art lovers of today and with interior designers throughout the world. The handmade furniture has been seen in homes, gyms, restaurants and hotels, and creates a lasting impression once you lay your eyes upon it.

    Contact El Palacio Damasceno for Arabesque Furniture

    At El Palacio Damasceno, we take great pride in providing Islamic Art in the form of Arabeqsue furniture. With heritage, culture and a unique craftsmanship, owning a bespoke piece of furniture that takes inspiration from history and different countries will really make your interior design and decoration far more exquisite and extraordinary. You can browse our range of Arabisc furniture, or if you don’t see a piece you would like and want more information on our bespoke pieces, get in touch with El Palacio Damasceno on +34 9113 999 72.