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The Curvaceous FIKRA

FIKRA is a slightly curved desk with unmatched beauty and artistic value. Handcrafted specifically out of Walnut wood to stand the test of time, it is carefully inlaid with more than 300 pieces of Shall and genuine Syrian mother of pearl. The handcrafted inlaid design patterns are astonishingly precise and contribute a lot towards the overall beauty of this artistic master piece.
The FIKRA can definitely add class to any furniture collection, home or office. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but is very practical in use. The built is sturdy and will remain in use with no or minimum wear and tear. The FIKRA speaks about you and your work just by being in your collection. This is one masterpiece which is sure to make you a proud antique owner one day.
The FIKRA makes business a pleasure.


  • Handcrafted Syrian Inlaid Designs
  • Supreme Quality Syrian Construction
  • More than 3000 pieces of Shall
  • Long Life and Durable
  • Constructed out of Walnut Wood
  • Decorated with Precise handcrafted patterns using Genuine Inlaid Mother of Pearl
  • Practically Spacious Design
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Width 180
Depth 80
Height 85